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4 June 2016


SkyWay in Australia: differences from a monorail

We get many questions from our partners concerned, primarily from the Russian Federation and Australia, where the introduction of SkyWay has progressed the farthest. In particular, Australian investors are very interested in the SkyWay differences from a monorail. It is due to the fact that in June 2013 the Sydney Monorail ceased to exist.

The Sydney Monorail was a single-track circular line in the city of Sydney that connected the Darling Harbour and Chinatown with the business and shopping center of Sydney. It was opened in July 1988 and closed in June 2013.

The Sydney Monorail was more of an amusement ride than a part of public transport. The main reason was its unprofitability. This was the verdict and the official closing took place on 30 June 2013. It was expensive as it was designed to transfer 12 million passengers per year. However, only 3-4 million people used it annually for 24 years. The rolling stock dilapidated, and it became very expensive to order a new one or repair the old one since the cars were manufactured in Switzerland.

Does a similar fate await our Project as well? We talk about it with Dr. Anatoly Yunitskiy, the SkyWay technology creator. Anatoly talks about differences between the two transport systems and the advantages of SkyWay, comparing:

  1. Track structures.
  2. Rolling stock.
  3. Aerodynamics.
  4. Rolling resistance.
  5. Economics of the projects.

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