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14 March 2017


Transport of the future SkyWay shown to Odessites

More projects - good and various! Following Chisinau, Odessa is also actively getting ready for a SkyWay pilot project. The regional representatives, Dmitry Slyusar and Maksim Isyp, gave an extensive video interview on the development prospects of the innovation in the seacoast region. The focus of the public attention is an urban track on the route "Centre - Kotovskiy settlement" - a section with passenger turnover of 40 mln people per year. The implementation of the SkyWay string transport will allow the Odessites to cover the distance at this busy section in 15-20 minutes instead of spending several hours in traffic jams.

A video presentation of the SkyWay string transport in the Odessa location was posted on YouTube. According to the creators of the video, only the SkyWay is able to solve the transportation problem of the city in the coming years, - report the city portals "Odessa Life", "Pushkinskaya" and "Kulturometr". The editorial staff points out the exterior futuristic design and modernity of the project as positive features, although calls the SkyWay for some reason "the innovative overground suspended metro", which is not accurate by definition, though being close in meaning.

The video centers around the SkyWay company, engaged in designing, construction and certification of high-speed (up to 500 km/h) urban and cargo transport systems. The engineering solutions that form their basis are intended not only to provide high travel speed for passenger and cargo transportation, but also to enhance the level of safety, comfort and ecological sustainability of the passenger transport. Odessa seriously expects to become the first city in Ukraine to implement the specific project, while the regional coordinators are getting ready to deliver a project presentation to the Mayor of the city. In fact, these ambitious plans can only be thwarted by the initiative of Zaporozhye, where they were the first to start talking about the innovations: the locals keep writing petitions and require the authorities to implement the high-quality transport system. The numerous local press ("Industrialka", "Zaporozhye News" and "News Time") does not remain aloof, comprehensively covering this issue.

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