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23 October 2017


The newspaper "Transport of Russia" about SkyWay

The informational portal of Russian transport weekly information-analytical newspaper "Transport of Russia" has released a publication highlighting the results of the II International forum "Intellectual transport system of Russia" lasted on September 27-28, 2017 in Moscow. The purpose of the event is to consolidate the opinions of the transport market's participants regarding the future prospects for application of intelligent transport systems.

The forum was attended by representatives from SkyWay Technologies Co., who made a presentation of SkyWay innovative transport-and-infrastructure complexes.

The newspaper Transport of Russia about SkyWay

"SkyWay vehicles move aboveground along a special rail-string overpass, thereby providing unprecedented safety and sound use of land and resources, increasing the speed to transfer people and cargo, minimizing damage from transport to the environment, since the system operates using electric power. The main elements of SkyWay transport-and-infrastructure complex are an un-cut pre-stressed rail-string overpass and rail carriages on steel wheels. As it was noted at the presentation, the Expert Council under the Russian Ministry of transport acknowledged this technology as innovative in early 2016. Now the process of certification of the rolling stock and the development of technical specifications for this mode of transport are under way", - reports the newspaper's website (in Russian).

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