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21 November 2017


What surprise Belarusian electric transport may bring

The first electric vehicles appeared in the late nineteenth century, but for all the time of its existence it did not manage to provide competition to vehicles with the internal combustion engine. Alongside with obvious benefits of using electric vehicles, there are significant drawbacks, which, like a hundred years ago, remain a major obstacle to its mass application, i.e. the low rate of charging batteries and a limited period of their autonomous operation.

However, recently interest in electric vehicles began to come to life noticeably: their number increases every year, and the managements of the world's largest automakers repeatedly make statements about new developments in the field of electric transport.

Newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" investigated (in Russian) what kind of transport should be tomorrow and what Belarusian engineers can respond to Tesla.

What surprise Belarusian electric transport may bring

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