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22 February 2018


"String" or cable - what is more suitable for Krasnodar?

City of Krasnodar, February 20, Yug Times. Last week, during the annual economic forum in Sochi, the Mayor of the Kuban capital Yevgeny Pervyshov presented an investment project of a cable metro to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. "This is a good option for Krasnodar and southern cities, - the Prime Minister approved the investment proposal. - The climate allows. It might work. It is important that the cable metro does not interact with the ground traffic. It is suitable for Krasnodar. Try to do it."

The Chairman of the regional public organization of civil initiatives in the field of urban development "Independent city-planning Council of Kuban" Alexander Zholtikov has been analyzing the prospects of various surface transport for several months, therefore he commented on the latest transport news of Kuban. It is noteworthy that SkyWay transport was not declared in the agenda of the forum, but it was the one that the expert singled out as an example. After presenting the idea of the cable metro, a storm of criticism immediately fell on it, as is often the case (almost always in our retrograde society). Apparently, that is why he compared the cableways and SkyWay transport in his interview to "Yug Times" and spoke about the possibilities of introducing an alternative mode of public transport in Krasnodar.

Read the full story (in Russian).

String or cable - what is more suitable for Krasnodar?

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