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23 February 2018


Rush hour in unibus: full-scale tests of capacity

Full-scale tests on the capacity of a double-rail unibus took place at the pilot production facility of SkyWay Technologies Co. The calculated maximum capacity was checked - as it was planned, it amounted to 24 persons. Engineers have also determined in practice the basic schemes of passenger embarkation/disembarkation for various stopping points.

Andrey Zaitsev, Head of the rolling stock Department at SkyWay Technologies Co., describes the tests in detail.

Translation of the video:

Andrey Zaitsev: Today you have witnessed and I participated directly in full-scale tests on the capacity of a double-rail unibus. We have worked out the maximum capacity for 24 passengers and checked it naturally. We have determined that it is quite comfortable at such loading rate, more comfortable than in our trolley buses at rush hours. In addition, we have defined the schemes of passenger embarkation/disembarkation, i.e. the logistics of passenger flow at stations. We will check the schemes with the design data calculated with modelling programs. All of them are efficient, however, we want to be able to choose the best scheme for any particular station.

My personal impression? I can't wait till I use this pod to ride to my office.

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