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20 March 2018


Transition to the 11th stage of development: summing up

SkyWay Group of Companies announces the transition to the 11th stage of development. According to tradition, we invite you to recall what we remember about the outgoing phase.

Production facility

SkyWay Production facility

In September 2017, SkyWay pilot production facility has acquired new areas: the property of the developer-company was increased with new buildings, where the production of components for the rolling stock and metal structures for the track structure will start.

Production workshops were equipped with the most sophisticated equipment, which, together with the introduction of advanced digital platforms for project designing and development, allows SkyWay project designing organization to ensure a comprehensive support of the first commercial projects.


SkyWay EcoTechnoPark

SkyWay has fully constructed and started to operate several types of tracks on-site the testing and demonstration center, including urban, lightweight urban and ultra-light ones. The construction of the freight transport complex is nearing completion.

EcoTechnoPark objects, including transportation structures, municipal services and exhibition samples of SkyWay communication systems, were registered in the Unified State Register of real estate of the Republic of Belarus.

Rolling stock

SkyWay Rolling stock

During the tenth stage, acceptance tests were completed and the first industrial samples of SkyWay rolling stock - unibike and unibus - were certified. In parallel with this, the Company's professionals have assembled unicar, which is now being prepared for performance trials at EcoTechnoPark together with unitruck and double-rail unibus.

Work continues to create a high-speed unibus: the first industrial sample will be demonstrated to the public at the International mobility trade fair InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin.


SkyWay technology was displayed at major transport exhibitions

SkyWay technology was displayed at major transport exhibitions, including the International Railway Equipment Exhibition, the XI international specialized exhibition "Transport and logistics - 2017", as well as the XI International exhibition "Transport of Russia". SkyWay project designing organization does not plan to reduce the exhibition activities: the next events, where you can observe the string transport are RailwayTech Indonesia (22-24 March 2018, Jakarta, Indonesia), Future Cities Show (9-11 April 2018, Dubai, UAE), Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition (9-11 July 2018, Singapore) and, of course, the most anticipated exhibition - InnoTrans 2018 (18-21 September 2018, Berlin, Germany).


SkyWay Management

At the 10th stage of development, SkyWay project designing organization managed to confirm the compliance of its own quality management system with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and the national standard of the Republic of Belarus STB ISO 9001-2015. The purpose of the quality management system is to reduce financial risks, increase productivity and operational efficiency, reduce costs and raise profitability of products developed by the Company.

All of the above mentioned is only a part of the results achieved by Anatoly Yunitskiy's team. In order to protect the interests of the Group of Companies, its investors and partners, the details of work on the first targeted projects are not subject to coverage presently.

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