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31 August 2018


"Now it is the best moment for investment in SkyWay" — SkyWay supporter on his experience working with SkyWay transport project

The portal pamminvest.ru published an article by investor Oleg Smyk, in which he tells about SkyWay project, based on his own experience, including the visit to EcoFest-2018:

"Me personally, I invested in the Company in 2014, when there were the biggest risks; this was when absolutely nothing was built, but, of course, before that I studied Yunitskiy's history and realized that this is a man of action, who is oriented at a concrete result. Now I saw with my own eyes the results of the activity by SkyWay Technologies Co. at EcoFest-2018 in Belarus. Actually, everything that was declared has been built, and even more."

Bridge built on string technology

Bridge built on string technology

He also notes that, due to the active development of the project, many investors may lose the opportunity to participate in it — reduction of risks leads to an increase in the cost of shares:

"Now the risks of investment are minimal. If you compare it with the construction of a house, it is a purchase at the level of a house built by more than 2/3 of its height. Yes, the risks remain, and they are always there, but they are minimal right now and are constantly decreasing as the construction proceeds, while the shares continue to go up in cost. We live in a unique time — modern technologies and Internet offer us the opportunity to become a co-owner of many companies, being anywhere in the world where Internet is available."

Let us remind that EcoFest-2018 was attended by guests from more than 40 countries. They were able to experience the convenience, safety and efficiency of SkyWay transport first-hand: more than 2,100 guests have taken a ride by the innovative rolling stock.

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