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4 September 2018


"SkyWay can relieve Riga from traffic jams" — the Latvian news portal Infotop.lv

The Latvian news portal Infotop.lv have posted an extensive article (in Russian) on SkyWay transport. It reads about the project's history and the opportunities that open up to city planners, if the old modes of transport are abandoned and replaced with SkyWay. For example, construction with a minimum land allocation turns out to be not only more cost-efficient, but also removes some acute problems typical for all ancient cities:

"SkyWay would be able to completely remove the concerns of part of Riga residents, for example, the one on the tram route near one of Riga's cemeteries, the laying of rails for which has been stirring up disputes for more than two years now. Or, say, it could fit into Rail Baltica project, which is intended to connect the Baltic countries, Eastern and Western Europe with a standard European railway track. In this case, SkyWay might perfectly furnish out this route, providing, for example, delivery of cargo to the main railway line from the Seaport by "unitrucks", or — delivery of passengers from various Latvia's regions connecting them with elevated capillary routes. Because it is fast — up to 150 km per hour (no need for more in Latvia, given its short distances), without any obstacles and traffic lights, which is safe, eco-friendly and cost-efficient."

SkyWay can relieve Riga from traffic jams - the Latvian news portal Infotop.lv

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