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21 September 2018


Interview with a representative of Dassault Systemes

It is already almost a year that the SkyWay Technologies Co. is engaged in implementing practices and technologies of Industry 4.0. The process goes on quite successfully — many stages of SkyWay transport development have already been digitized and operate by new standards. The partner and chief assistant of SkyWay Technologies Co. on the way to the industry of the future is the French company Dassault Systemes, which is developing software needed to optimize the processes of industrial development and production.

Mikhail Kirichenko managed to talk at the exhibition InnoTrans-2018 with a representative of the company Dassault Systemes, who visited the display stand of SkyWay transport. He shared his impressions on the results of cooperation between the two innovative companies, and also expressed his opinion about SkyWay project.

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