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9 October 2018


EcoTechnoPark hosted guests again, running laps of transport modules go on in regular mode

Anyone who did not manage to take a ride in SkyWay transport would have the opportunity to visit EcoTechnoPark and make up for the lost chance — this promise was given by the management of SkyWay Technologies Co. in August this year after EcoFest. Last Saturday, on October 6, the first group of people who wanted to evaluate the operation of SkyWay transport system firsthand visited the SkyWay test site.

It is worth emphasizing that the EcoTechnoPark guests have independently organized a large group (about 100 people) and applied to the management of SkyWay Technologies Co. with a request to provide a visit. For those who are going to follow their example, it is important to follow exactly the same procedure, since unplanned visits of small groups are impossible under the conditions of such a complex operating test and demonstration facility as EcoTechnoPark.

Since that time, our transport has shown that it can work stably not only in test mode, but also in passenger servicing. The visitors' impressions are only positive — SkyWay transport remains comfortable, safe and efficient at any time and in any weather.

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