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10 October 2018


SkyWay: secret in design

The website of the Russian socio-political publication "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" has posted an article covering promising areas of transport technologies development. The specialized transport exhibition InnoTrans-2018 in Berlin, which brought together thousands of exhibitors from different countries of the world, acted as a display platform for popular trends in the transport market. The author of the publication paid special attention to trains with alternative energy sources and SkyWay transport among the novelties that interested him.

"However, not only new types of fuel, but also new design can dramatically increase the energy efficiency of a vehicle. In this connection, the novelty presented by the Belarusian company SkyWay Technologies deserves special attention. As a matter of fact, we are talking about a new type of transport that can accelerate up to 500 km/h — a high-speed unibus, one of the new SkyWay transport modules. SkyWay Technologies Co. has created and introduces to the market rail transport systems based on the use of ultra-light overpasses of special structure. The first models of SkyWay rolling stock — unibus and unibike — were presented at InnoTrans-2016; the developers have stepped far forward since then. This year the Company presents a completely new development — a high-speed unibus, capable of accelerating up to 500 km per hour", — is said in the article "New options of rail transport" (in Russian).

Anatoly Yunitskiy - secret in design

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