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23 November 2018


The first video from the construction site in the UAE

There should be no hurry in important matters. That is why we are showing the long-awaited video from the UAE, shot at the end of September, only now, when all the nuances are settled and all documents are signed.

Preparations for construction in the UAE began in spring of 2018. As part of the preparatory work, the most comprehensive complex project of SkyWay innovation center in tropical version was created, including three test tracks, cargo and passenger rolling stock, as well as second-level infrastructure — stations, depots, turn-out switches, intelligent system of safety, control, power supply and communications. At the same time, numerous approvals and coordination with local authorities were carried out; orders for construction and assembly work, equipment and special structures were placed not only in the UAE, but also in several countries on several continents.

We kindly offer a firsthand video commentary by the General designer Anatoly Yunitskiy on the great SkyWay construction project in the United Arab Emirates.

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