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25 October 1980


Wingless rail car

A wingless rail car having the speed of an aircraft, passes easily over roads, rivers, lakes, fits into a complicated terrain. The construction of such roads of the second level does not require earth embankments, excavation, culverts, therefore such rail transport is environmentally safe.

The track structure, developed by Anatoly Yunitskiy for a new mode of transport, can pass without disrupting the biogeocenosis on environmentally vulnerable natural areas - jungles, tundra, swamps, permafrost, etc.

In addition, the cost of such roads is very low because the delicate track structure and supports will be much cheaper than the embankments and solid roadbeds of conventional roads - motor-ways and railways.

Anatoly Yunitskiy - wingless rail car

Anatoly Yunitskiy - wingless rail car

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