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1 October 1981


Design research of the General Planetary Vehicle

Anatoly Yunitskiy - Design research of the General Planetary Vehicle

There started the conceptual and design development and layout of a reduced-weight option of the General Planetary Vehicle (GPV). The most difficult part for the passage of the GPV trestle are seas and oceans with a depth of over 100 meters. In this case, it is proposed to arrange the trestle on special tubular floats combined with transport tunnels.

The transport tunnels, possible to be vacuumed, can house sections of high-speed transport, including Utran. The vertical stability of the overpass is ensured by the ballast arranged below the transport pontoon-tunnels.

The working part of the GPV, including a linear electric motor with a system of magnetic levitation, a vacuum shell and a rotor, has a small size (less than 1 meter) in cross section.

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