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17 July 1988


Abstract of program "EcoWorld"

The Center "Star world" is developing a program "EcoWorld" under the scientific leadership of Anatoly Yunitskiy. The work is financed from funds allocated by the Soviet Peace Fund for the joint program "Star world" according to the Resolution of the Board of the Soviet Peace Fund dated May 25, 1988 No. 34-88/B.

The current state of our civilization's development is characterized by the manifestation of global problems that require joint efforts of humankind to solve them.

Environmental pollution is the most challenging of them. The industry created by the humanity constantly emits into the environment the substances, which affect negatively the delicate balance of the biosphere. Formed over millions of years, it is a prerequisite of human existence. If current trends in the industrial civilization development continue, it will lead to disastrous consequences for humans and the biosphere in general.

The program "EcoWorld" will allow to solve the global problems of humankind by transferring the main part of industry into the outer space. The most important problem in the realization of this goal is to develop a vehicle capable of delivering required quantity of various loads into the near space. The creation of the General Planetary Vehicle (GPV) in the framework of "EcoWorld" is planned to solve this problem.

The Director of the Center "Star world", scientific leader of the program "EcoWorld" Anatoly Yunitskiy offers the abstract of the program "EcoWorld" for reading in Russian.

The Director of the Center Star world, scientific leader of the program EcoWorld Anatoly Yunitskiy offers the abstract of the program EcoWorld for reading

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