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5 August 1988


Journal "National economy of Belarus" published an article "Star world in Gomel and in the world"

Long ago the space technology has become for us the same reality as a supersonic aircraft or a hovercraft. The only difference is that almost every one of us can use these latter ones today, however, the way to the vacuum space is open only for the chosen ones. The nature of the tasks performed by astronauts today and the obvious level of danger (let us recall the recent tragedy of the US space shuttle "Challenger") do not allow to make this profession widely spread and generally accessible yet. However, the daring and original project of engineer Anatoly Yunitskiy from Gomel seems promising to eliminate these obstacles in the future.

Something fundamentally new and original always gives rise to doubts, controversy and even skepticism. However, the initial reports made at the conference "Non-rocket industrialization of space", the first exchange of opinions with experts convinced: we are talking about a serious and perspective business.

After the conference, the discussion at the "round table" gathered the author of the project of the General Planetary Vehicle (GPV) Anatoly Yunitskiy, his fellow-thinker from the Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute Alexander Mayboroda and senior researcher of the Moscow Institute of world economy and international relations, candidate of historical sciences Anatoly Chapis. All the three are members of the USSR Federation of cosmonautics.

For more detail read the article "Star world in Gomel and in the world" (in Russian) published in the journal "National economy of Belarus" No. 8 of 1988.

Journal National economy of Belarus published an article - Star world in Gomel and in the world

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