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23 August 1988


Ecoterra Program

The Director of the "Star world" Center, scientific director Anatoly Yunitskiy approved the scientific work "Ecoterra Program", which is prepared at the expense of funds allocated by the Soviet Peace Foundation for the joint program "Star world" (the Resolution by the Executive Bureau of the Soviet Peace Foundation dated May 25, 1988 No. 34-88/B).

The Director of the Center Star world, scientific director Anatoly Yunitskiy approved the scientific work Program EcoWorld, which is prepared at the expense of funds allocated by the Soviet Peace Fund for the joint program Star world

The Ecoterra Program is prepared in accordance with the appeal from the Secretary-General of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Gorbachev to all progressive people (Statement of January 15, 1986) to engage practically with the development of large-scale projects for peaceful space exploration with the forces of all mankind, as one of the most important ways to ensure progress on the entire planet and to create a reliable security system for all.

The Ecoterra Program is also proposed in response to the declaration and appeal of the international organization ECOFORUM FOR PEACE (Varna, 1986) to the nations and governments for the sake of saving humankind and life on the planet. The basis of the program is a fundamentally new solution in the field of non-rocket means to deliver cargo in the near space being developed in the USSR.

This program is the first phase of the program complex "EcoWorld". The further development of the program complex involves extended research, project works and their financing with the subsequent development of the program following the implementation of its phases and addition of the participating organizations.

The main objective of the preparatory phase for the development of working program documents is the introduction of the program to the parent bodies of international public organizations and national governments of the world and preparation of an international conference on the program "EcoWorld".

The main role at the preparatory phase is assigned to the USSR Federation of cosmonautics, the Soviet Peace Foundation and the Foundation "Star world". The Center "Star world" will be the coordinating and working body to develop program documents.

The Ecoterra Program is designed for active participation of the present generation of people and is intended for our children and grandchildren.

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