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21 June 1989


Documentary film "Earth's gravity for stars"

The USSR cinemas released the documentary film "Earth's gravity for stars" (in Russian) produced by the film studio "Belarusfilm". The picture shows the activities of the Center for scientific and technical creativity of youth "Star world" and its Director Anatoly Yunitskiy.

The center was founded in Gomel in May 1988 upon a request from the USSR Federation of cosmonautics and at the expense of a grant from the Soviet Peace Fund (150 thousand rubles) under the decision of the Board of the Fund signed by the Deputy Chairman of the Board pilot-cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya.

A year later the Center "Star world" has concluded more than 100 agreements on scientific and technical developments for the amount over 5 million rubles that allowed to earn 2 million rubles. An enthusiastic supporter of the program "EcoWorld" (environmentally friendly world) pilot-cosmonaut Igor Volk tells about it in the picture. He is not only a supporter but also an active participant in the development of the eco-friendly non-rocket transport system for the exploration of near-Earth space.

The author and leader of this ambitious project is Anatoly Yunitskiy, member of the USSR Federation of cosmonautics. He proposes the future transfer of the entire industry and power production of the planet into the near space beyond the Earth's biosphere turning it into an eco-friendly home for comfortable and decent living of more than 10 billion people.

The motto of the Center "Star world" is not to take a single penny from the state. It is necessary to earn by innovations and bring benefit to people. Anatoly Yunitskiy keeps his word. He has not only returned the non-refundable grant to the Soviet Peace Fund, but also invested in the development of string transport about 2 million rubles earned by scientific and technical research, which is so necessary for the national economy. These developments range widely from increased milk production and modified forage combine harvesters to treatment of industrial fumes polluting the atmosphere and research of high-temperature superconductivity.

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