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6 September 2001


Video "Environmentally friendly Unitsky String Transport"

Unitsky Company prepared a video about off-street urban and suburban environmentally friendly Unitsky String Transport.

The cost of construction of double-track UST is USD 0.8-1.5 million per km, capacity double-track UST is more than 100 thousand passengers per day, or 10-20 thousand passengers during rush hour. Cost of transportation of passengers over a distance of 100 km is in the range of 1 USD.

Shown transport module (unibus) has the following characteristics:

  • the nominal capacity of urban unibus is 100 people (maximum - 150 people);
  • seats in suburban unibuses - 80 units;
  • the maximum speed of the urban unibus is 120 km per hour;
  • the maximum speed of the suburban unibus is 180 km per hour.

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