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3 October 2002


Academician Yunitskiy builds a prototype of the string route near Kiev

The creative collective, headed by the academician of RANS (Russian Academy of Natural Sciences) Anatoly Yunitskiy has begun to construct the pilot route of Unitsky String Transport. The construction of 3000 meters of the route constitutes the finalizing of the research and development works and the creating of the pilot model of the UST. At the same time a preproduction model of a high-speed module with modern design and such technical and ecological characteristics, which will show the possibilities of UST, is constructed for the operation of preset tests and for publicities. The route will be constructed on the bay near Kiev under the aegis of a new company, named "NTL", which was registered on assets of a investor Mr. Kapitonov to provide scientific and engineering maintenance of this construction. Academician Yunitskiy has become the general designer of "NTL". Scientists and engineers from Ukraine were recruited to a new company's collective.

New Transport Lines

For more information about NTL was written in the brochure by Anatoly Yunitskiy "New transport lines".

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