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18 April 2014


"Is RSW technology recognized in the world and are there any awards or evaluations of independent experts?" - video answer to the question No.19

The founder of the RSW Systems group of companies, registered in 2013 in London, UK, answered to the series of questions asked by shareholders and investors. These companies were created for the practical implementation of the fourth generation of Unitsky String Technologies named SkyWay.

Yes, certainly. The technology have received high evaluations even in the Soviet times. Despite the opinion of other competitors, in particular, rocket producers, I became a member of the USSR Federation of Cosmonautics. With the help of the Federation, we held an International conference in Gomel with 500 participants. We received a grant from the Soviet Peace Fund. It was headed by the World Chess Champion A. Karpov at that time. Later, in the post-Soviet time, we received two grants from the United Nations. Many expert examinations were carried out, including those by the UN, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Transport (Siberian Division). It was also the Institute of transport problems of the Academy of Sciences with positive expert findings. Those were various Universities, scientific schools, notably the University of Transport in Saint Petersburg, the former Institute of railway transport. We have more than 100 of such supports and conclusions.

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