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24 April 2014


"Who posts in the Internet negative and "revealing" articles about you personally and about the RSW technology and why don't you answer?" - video answer to the question No.20

The founder of the RSW Systems group of companies, registered in 2013 in London, UK, answered to the series of questions asked by shareholders and investors. These companies were created for the practical implementation of the fourth generation of Unitsky String Technologies named SkyWay.

Well, I don't know. I wonder what Diesel could say when his competitors were drowning him. "You are not right. Why should I drink it? I am a good man. I have invented such an innovation." What kind of reaction could it be? It can not be different. In the Soviet times it was the same. Though it was tougher there. You're a spy, enemy of the people, execution by firing squad, prison or Kolyma. Now the times are different, more loyal, but, nevertheless, they don't like those who differ from the others a little bit. If you raised, leant out a bit, we have to take a scythe and cut you off. The grass grows, it should be scythed harder. These are such croppers, who do not like everything that differs from them. As a rule, social outcasts do it. Obtuse and unintelligent persons who do not like all the things that they do not understand. They don't understand me, they don't understand why I do it for thirty years. I don't earn anything on it. Nobody paid me wages for all those years. I am a person, which puts all his heart, energy, time in it. But he does not understand it, because he thinks that I am the same as him. He would better go and steal something, cheat somebody, take something away. It is clear to him. Certainly, you can listen to them. But I do not know these people and they do not know me. How can they judge about me, if we have never met. We have never spoken with each other. Therefore, you can believe them, you can believe me. It is the choice of everyone.

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