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30 April 2014


"With so many challenges and obstacles, why didn't you give up the development of the technology and try to undertake some other business?" - video answer to the question No.21

The founder of the RSW Systems group of companies, registered in 2013 in London, UK, answered to the series of questions asked by shareholders and investors. These companies were created for the practical implementation of the fourth generation of Unitsky String Technologies named SkyWay.

I can not answer unambiguously. Why? The question is complicated and the answer is complicated, too. Perhaps, it is my path of life, which was chosen not by me. Maybe. I am not sure. There is one analogy here, if it is tactful. I don't equal myself with it, but let us recall Jesus Christ. Why did he do it? He was crucified, he was killed. His disciples betrayed him. Why did he do it? Could he say why? It is difficult to explain. I didn't look for personal profit. I didn't look for glory and wealth. Certainly, I had some star sickness in my youth: I am great, I invented something. However, it passed away very quickly. That wasn't a motivation for me. Maybe, there was some social concern. Not personal profit, but the desire to bring benefit to people, including my family. So that they would say later that I lived not in vain. I did something. I didn't live like grass, like a cow eating hay. Therefore, well, the question is complicated. I can not give an unequivocal answer.

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