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17 July 2015


EcoTechnoPark: preparatory work has begun!

Long "desk" work on EcoTechnoPark, as a result of which we have finally received land plot at our disposal (35 ha), is replaced by outdoor work.

We are happy to present you a video report from the main event - EcoTechnoPark, where our experts are already engaged in full swing preparing the land plot for construction.

Preparation of the land plot for construction is a labor-intensive and necessary process that includes a number of important procedures. Approval for the construction takes time, but this time is used for collecting new data, support of a competent expertise and approval of the master plan.

The works that are presently under way on the territory of the future EcoTechnoPark are called engineering survey.

Such engineering survey is necessary for the selection of the construction site, creation of the plan of future facilities, arrangement of temporary land allocation for laying engineering networks. Engineering survey include engineering-geodesic and engineering-geological surveying. So as to save time they are carried out in parallel on our plot.

Engineering-geodesic survey ensures obtaining topographic and geodesic matters including data on the local terrain existing surface and underground facilities. Data received as a result of the engineering-geodesic survey is the basis for the preparation of the required Project documents: master plan, projects of planning and reconstruction, working drawings.

Engineering-geological survey is carried out for the definition of load-bearing characteristics of the soil, its composition, influence on building structures as well as the level of ground waters. The results of the survey will exactly show if there are any insecure places on the plot, possible problems with water drainage and the optimal spots for buildings and supports. It refers especially to anchor supports with possible horizontal force on them of up to one thousand tons. The lack of such geological survey may lead to unjustified expenses for ground works and accomplishment, as well as to foundation subsidence that is absolutely unacceptable.

Dr. Anatoly Yunitsky, General director - General designer of the SkyWay Technologies group of companies, having experience in construction of similar test facility in the town of Ozyory, Moscow region in 2001 (the first generation of SkyWay technology) personally supervises the process and is pleased to comment on the events at the work site: "... It is not just simply to see the kind of soil. We must know what kind of soil we have at the depth, so as to define its load-bearing capacity at every point. And this is just what we are doing now. This will be later included in the project solution - it is impossible to project without it.

This is done so that customers from all over the world could arrive here, see it and place their orders. For such routes in their cities, in their countries, on their continents. That is why it is called EcoTechnoPark, and Eco goes first in the name. This is restoration of ecology, the return of life with higher quality, with improved soil, with gardens that will provide us with ecologically clean food. And the routes above them will be safe, they will not deteriorate the soil or gardens, they will not kill a single living object, neither a human being nor an animal because they are going over the ground and do not intersect with land surface, where we actually live..."

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