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21 July 2015


The completion of the 4th stage of development of the SkyWay group of companies

The SkyWay group of companies is pleased to announce the completion of the fourth and beginning of the fifth stage of development, which starts on 4 August 2015.

The fourth stage was conducted successfully and completed with the following achievements:

  • the SkyWay string technologies have received high appraisal of independent Australian experts;
  • representatives of the SkyWay group of companies headed by the General director, General designer and author of the string technologies Mr. Yunitsky visited Colombia, United Arab Emirates and a number of Russian regions. There the company signed agreements of intent to construct SkyWay transport systems in several countries of Europe, Asia and Latin America, including those in Russia, for the amount exceeding USD 10 billion;
  • we have received not one plot, as it was previously planned, but two plots of land in the Republic of Belarus, with a total area of about one square kilometer. One is at the town of Mariyna Gorka (for the creation of SkyWay test complexes), another - in the Free Economic Zone "Mogilev" (for the creation of our own production facilities to manufacture innovative SkyWay components. Currently these plots are already explored with engineering-geodesic and engineering-geological survey required for the development of project documentation on the construction of a test site and production complex.

Previously, the SkyWay group of companies founded a planning and design enterprise "SkyWay technologies" in Minsk. Its task is to develop the design-estimate documentation for a certification-and-demonstration Center. Documentation is prepared for all the three transport systems: cargo, urban and high-speed ones. To date, the stuff of the enterprise exceeds one hundred people.

At previous stages of development, the company has received more than twenty pre-orders for the construction of overground tracks by the SkyWay technology from several countries of Europe and other continents. In addition, the company's specialists have devised a project of urban string tracks for such populous cities as Krasnoyarsk, St. Petersburg, Tbilisi and Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital, experiencing an urgent need for the optimization of passenger traffic. A feature of these projects is that the transport networks of the second level will fit perfectly into the existing infrastructure of these cities, not changing and not disrupting it. Now the projects developed for these cities are under negotiation.

Besides, over the past period, we have built up strong partnership relations with a great number of investment companies that attract funds for the development and implementation of the string transport project, using a croudinvesting scheme.

As you can see, during the first four stages, we solved a lot of challenging tasks and have reached significant progress in achieving the ultimate goal - creation of the EcoTechnoPark. It will be used for the demonstration and subsequent certification of the SkyWay technologies with the further introduction of the string transport to the world market. We are confident that the fifth and all subsequent stages of development will be completed as efficiently as the previous ones, and, on scheduled terms, we will present on the market the breakthrough transport technology that can change the world and make it cleaner, more comfortable and safer for all of us.

4th stage


5th stage

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