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29 July 2015


SkyWay EcoTechnoPark: construction began

On July 25, on a sunny Saturday morning, the friendly SkyWay team, led by their mastermind Anatoly Yunitskiy gathered for an important mission.

The General director-General designer instantly set people on the working climate: "Once again I congratulate you all with the allocation of land site for us. We came to this voluntary Saturday work to prepare the land, the site for construction works. Our task today is to prepare a strip for fencing, because the first thing to be done at any construction site is to put a fence. O.K., let's start to work!"

SkyWay designers, engineers, and other employees laid aside computer miņe for one day and picked up something heavier - chainsaws and axes. As it turned out, our experts can also excellently cut trees - they coped with the job in a matter of hours.

To support the voluntary Saturday and participate in this important event came the SkyWay team colleagues from different cities: the representative of the British SkyWay Capital company Evgeny Kudryashov, CEO of Evraz Transnet Karina Yunitskaya from Moscow, as well as the official representative of the SkyWay group of companies in Kiev Mger Akopyan.

Assistant to the General director Alexander Knyazev: "It's a great holiday for us today. All the stuff of our SkyWay Technologies Co. arrived here, to the future EchoTechnoPark, where we shall build and demonstrate the things for which our company exists. And for these things Dr. Anatoly Yunitsky brought us all together."

"You please don't pay attention that we are cutting trees, - comments the process Anatoly Yunitsky, ahead of the thinking of skeptics. - We are cleaning the site, so that to plant here alleys and gardens later. Moreover, that will be reclamation of land, because there is natural seeding here. We shall plant here the trees that are adopted for Belarus about 20 types of them.

And all of that, - Anatoly Yunitskiy looks around at the felled trees, - will not be thrown away as waste to a disposal dump. It will be processed into humus, because we intend to produce fertile soils, too. All the shrubs and trees that we shall cut, - they will turn into soil, on which groves, alleys and gardens will grow. Now we shall put a fence and develop the place. We shall demonstrate 2 test sections in autumn next year, in 2016."

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