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12 August 2015


EcoTechnoPark: first concrete

An important event took place on the territory of the EcoTechnoPark - a message was left for the future generations, the SkyWay "Time capsule" was laid. This event marked the beginning of construction works and it will be interesting to know in 15, 50 and 100 years: What was it all started with?

Just in a year, the EcoTechnoPark will become an innovative center of SkyWay transport and ecological innovations. SkyWay high-speed, urban and cargo transport systems will be located on this territory. Nobody will remember how it was all created from "zero" in the open field. Certainly, SkyWay investors and partners could not miss this fest. They came here from different cities and countries. Even more people got to know with interest from their representatives about what was happening in the EcoTechnoPark practically "online". The SkyWay project have already been transferred to the international level - just imagine, 120 thousand participants from more than 50 countries. And we all work hard so as to materialize this idea in concrete and metal, from paper into reality.

Dr. Anatoly Yunitsky showed and told with pleasure about what is happening in the EcoTechnoPark. Our guests saw with their own eyes the beginning of the territory fencing arrangement. It is not just a simple fence, but also a special technological design where all details were taken into account - from ecology to reliability. "It is a lightweight and delicate structure. But it is less costly than an ordinary fence, - explains Dr. Yunitsky. - Supporting poles will stand at a distance of 15 meters. Even If somebody tries to fell a pole, he would have to fell a dozen of poles. It is not a usual fence, it is designed with strings."

Those present decided to take part in the installation of the first pole all together as the event is historic. They drilled together, mixed concrete together and, certainly, installed the pole together. "I congratulate everybody with the beginning of construction works! - said Dr. Yunitsky after the installation of the first pole, though not very large, but such an important element of fencing.

Of course, manual installation of the first supporting pole is a symbolic thing. Special machines should work at the construction site, they have already arrived at the disposal of the SkyWay Technologies company and they are ready for use.

And here came the most important moment - laying of the "time capsule" - a message to the future generations saying how everything started and who was at the origins of their Present. Some time ago airplanes, automobiles and rockets were treated as something fantastic and unreal. But now we use all of them and can not imagine that it might be some other way. The most important thing is that ecology will be saved for descendants thanks to SkyWay transport and infrastructure technologies.

The creator of the SkyWay string transport technology Anatoly Yunitsky has personally laid all the three "Time capsules" for 15, 50 and 100 years.

Our guests were overwhelmed with emotions. Everything they saw was beyond their wildest expectations. The work of design departments, development of innovative ideas, construction of the EcoTechnoPark - this is the actualization of their financial commitments. It is a contribution to the creation of the new, clear world.

The Director of the Department of foreign economic activity, SkyWay Invest Group, SkyWay shareholder (Russia) Alexei Sukhodoev: "We create new history just today for the future generations. Everybody is tired, this is the way work is done. Construction is impossible otherwise."

SkyWay shareholder, investor (Moscow, Russia): "Yesterday Anatoly Yunitsky showed us the design and projecting departments. We went along three floors, looked at all those engineers that work for Dr. Yunitsky, and that means for us, too, because we also want that our funds were in the hands of professionals. Certainly, we were greatly impressed by the way everything is done, and today we went out to the site where everything will be implemented, therefore we are very glad that we came here and took part in the event."

A member of the Board, Maslov Consulting Group, SkyWay shareholder Vladimir Maslov (Tallinn, Estonia): "As a representative of SkyWay investors I participated in this event in Mariyna Gorka today. Now I am even more confident that we are doing the right thing, that there is a moment of materialization of everything we and you do together. This is delightful and great! We are moving forward. My congratulations!"

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