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18 August 2015


SkyWay in Tallinn

The office of the SkyWay group of companies is more and more often visited by guests from different countries. For example, a group of international partners from Estonia have arrived in Minsk recently with a business proposition. They highly appreciated the potential of our technology. The delegation was headed by Vladimir Maslov, a SkyWay investor and former Vice-Mayor of Tallinn.

In the capital of Estonia, there is an urgent need to resolve the transport problem in one of the districts of the city - in the business center Technopolis. To get to the place of work, people are forced either to drive in their own cars (spending a great amount of time in traffic jams), or walk daily for long distances as there is no convenient public transport in the area of Technopolis.

SkyWay in Tallinn

The SkyWay group of companies is ready to offer a solution to this transportation problem and connect the business quarter with the existing urban transport infrastructure. It is already known that the track will have a combined design. In addition to the suspended unibuses, the track structure will be used for the motion of cruiser SkyWay bicycle-cars - vehicles specially designed for recreational routes in accordance with the basic principles of string technology.

Presumably, a joint venture will be formed with the participation of the SkyWay group of companies and the local business community for financing the project in Tallinn. The implementation of the target project will raise the liquidity of real estate and increase the demand for rental office buildings located on the territory of Technopolis. It will also make it possible to receive revenue from providing transportation services for passengers. The daily passenger traffic is estimated at about 15-20 thousand people.

SkyWay in Tallinn

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