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8 September 2015


Details about the opening of the sign "Zero kilometer" and the timing of planting trees

As we promised earlier, we publish a detailed information about these activities.

So, the Grand opening of the sign "Zero kilometer" - a monolithic reinforced concrete slab in the form of a large-scale "Map of Belarus", which will mark the start of the first ever SkyWay route, will be held on October 17, 2015 on the territory of the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark near Mariyna Gorka (Minsk region, Republic of Belarus). This significant event will be discussed at a conference, on the date and place of which we will tell you later.

Sign SkyWay Zero kilometer

On the same day in accordance with the master plan, participants of the action "Plant a tree" will do planting of greenery on the territory.

This festive event will bring together top 30 shareholders, who were the first to believe that the future lies in SkyWay technologies; the leaders of our partner companies SWIG and Sky Way Capital; major investors: those who have invested or attracted investment worth more than USD 7,500 (5,000 pounds) and buyers of trees worth over USD 1,000. In other words, we honor the key investors that are with us the longest time and provided the largest aid for the development of the SkyWay project.

The first works on the landscaping will be launched in the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark before this event, on October 3, 2015.

Investors, who wish to plant their name trees personally, will be able to participate in the event. For those who will follow the appeal of Anatoly Yunitskiy ("...do not spend your funds on a trip to the sign, which is for you, many thousands of our investors, will cost a total of several million dollars! It is wiser to invest these funds to the direct goals and objectives of the EcoTechnoPark, there is no reason to worry - the General designer of SkyWay will plant a tree instead of you himself! Detailed photo- and video reports about this event will then be made available to all participants of the action "Plant a tree".

SkyWay - Composition of decorative trees and bushes

The timing of planting trees is chosen not randomly. The entire process of landscaping the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark is supervised by the candidate of agricultural Sciences, Deputy Director for bio- and agro-technologies of the SkyWay Technologies Co. Vasily Pavlovsky, who has a wide experience of such work as the former Deputy Minister of agriculture and food of the Republic of Belarus. We also listened to the recommendations of the best employees of the Central Botanical garden of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. According to the experts, planting works is a gradual process, time and labor consuming, stretched in time. The main task is to ensure the survival rate of trees, and it is necessary that the greenery be planted in a favorable planting time. Therefore, a smaller portion of trees will be planted in autumn, a larger portion - in spring. Almost all fruit, deciduous trees and bushes will be planted in spring. As a rule, pomaceous trees are planted in autumn, drupaceous varieties - in spring.

The importance of Grand opening of the sign "Zero kilometer" is difficult to overestimate. It is not just a point of starting reference for SkyWay routes. "Zero Kilometer" will become the beginning of a new life, a new way of thinking, new opportunities and discoveries. It is symbolic that this momentous event is timed with the "Plant a tree" event, the essence of which Dr. Yunitskiy formulated as follows: "Participation in the campaign "Plant a tree" is just a small seed planted by you, from which a large garden will grow. This is an event that will go down in the world history!"

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