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12 November 2015


EcoTechnoPark object: automated safeguarding and safety system

Safeguarding system for the perimeter front end of EcoTechnoPark is based on the principles of professional video analytics. It solves the specific task - primary detection of an animal, person or vehicle in a particular zone (in this case, when approaching the perimeter). Video analysis is carried out on the image obtained from the video camera. The video camera is installed on a portable device - "mini-unibus", which can move along a special string track, mounted above the perimeter of the object.

EcoTechnoPark object: automated safeguarding and safety system

The system operates in several stages. On the first stage, there is carried out the detection of a potential intruder at the distant approach line to the perimeter by means of special sensors. This object is placed under video surveillance and movement control. According to the video image, the intruder's identity is established.

Upon intruder's approach to the forbidden zone, there takes place a visual and audio warning. The perimeter is marked by means of special light stroboscopes. The flashing rate of stroboscopes can increase upon intruder's approach to the perimeter. With further approach, the system of audio warning is activated. By means of voice synthesizers, the intruder is informed about impermissibility of further movement to the side of the guarded object. In addition, at night time, upon the signals of specials sensors, there is activated a perimeter lighting system in the place of the alleged violation.

In case the above-specified measures fail to stop the intruder from penetrating on the object, electroshock protection comes into operation. When touching the barrier, it affects the intruder with short high-voltage electric impulses and disables the intruder for a certain time. The EcoTechnoPark safeguarding system operates in an automatic mode and does not require human interference until the moment of the attempted penetration. The main task of this system is early detection and warning of a potential intruder on their approach to the forbidden zone.

The mechanical part of safeguarding system is presented in the form of rigid high-strength cables, located on support-rests. Above the cable barrier, there is a lighting support, fed by a solar battery. The safeguarding system operation is carried out in an automated mode. The system is equipped with a video camera, audio system and a precise pointing laser.

Competitors offer such safeguarding and safety control systems at the cost, which is 3 times higher. In addition, they are not automated, or smart, or having vision, or vandal-resistant.

SkyWay safeguarding and safety control system, along with a vandal-resistant and rigid cable barrier, is a self-sustainable innovative product. It can be offered to different state and private customers for safeguarding of specially protected sites - airports, nuclear power stations, military bases, land borders of the state, etc.

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