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3 April 2016


SkyWay - researches, developments, testing

The most revealing element in the activities of the International SkyWay Companies' Group is certainly the EcoTechnoPark construction process. It is a sort of a showcase of project achievements, a test site for the verification of developments from 15 Design bureaus and more than 100 engineers creating innovative transport and infrastructure complexes. However, this is only the visible part of the iceberg, while about 90% of it is hidden from view.

In the current report from the information service of the International SkyWay Companies' Group we will try to see on whom and on what the success of EcoTechnoPark project rests. We will focus on the preparation of testing special concrete for the production of string rails on the territory of "BelEnergoStroyIndustria" plant and the hard work, which preceded this event. One of the direct developers of special concrete Victor Dolgiy describes the details and secrets of preparing the new building material developed by experts of SkyWay Technologies Co.

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