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15 April 2016


What happens in EcoTechnoPark before EcoFest

As you already know, currently the whole life of SkyWay Technologies Co. is devoted to the preparation for EcoFest, to be held in SkyWay EcoTechnoPark on April 23, where we expect several hundreds of guests. However, knowing how important it is for our investors, we found the time and possibility to prepare a video report from the construction site, which we bring to your attention now.

You will witness the beautification of the territory, carried out currently, including the framework of the preparation to EcoFest, construction of the auxiliary road, which will subsequently serve to organize the traffic of visitors and technological vehicles servicing this unique object, as well as the continued installation of almost three kilometers of intellectual string fencing along the perimeter of the center for testing, demonstration and certification of the innovative string-rail technology.

You will see the stage of readiness of the SkyWay transport and logistics hub, combined with the terminal anchor support, in particular, concreting of the ceiling panel at the second level with preliminary inserted embedded item that will be used for subsequent fixing of an anchoring unit on the track structure. You will also learn how much concrete was poured in for that day, what horizontal load this building will be able to withstand on completion, and what will be located below and on top of the concreted panel.

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