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29 May 2016


EcoTechnoPark: concreting foundation for second SkyWay anchor support

The construction of the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark is going on and all work is carried out within strict schedules agreed upon with the contractors. On the day of visiting the construction site, the film crew of the information service at the SkyWay Group of Companies witnessed concreting of columns at an intermediate metal support. Such track structure elements can be made of various materials. It was decided to demonstrate two options in the SkyWay EcoTechnoPark: reinforced concrete and metal. Due to local specifics - in particular, a nearby plant of reinforced concrete structures - it turned out more profitable to install this type of supports. In such a case, a lightweight steel support is fixed to its place, then the inner space of its vertical columns is filled with concrete and they are coated with concrete on the outside.

Foundation sockets for intermediate supports of the lightweight transport system have already been delivered to the site and prepared for installation. Most sporty vehicles of all the SkyWay rolling stock - UniBikes - will soon run along it.

And "for a titbit", the most important event of the day for you - both the start and successful completion of concreting the foundation slab of the second anchor support for urban and high-speed passenger lines.

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