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14 June 2016


Comments on current construction stage at EcoTechnoPark

Increasingly less time is left before commissioning of the first stage of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark. However, "we have a lot more work ahead of us to do than it has been done so far", therefore works at the construction site keep going both at night and at the weekend. They are carried out under direct supervision of the founding father of breakthrough SkyWay technology, Anatoly Yunitskiy.

Together with Anatoly Yunitskiy, our film crew worked for you last weekend, feeling the increasing desire of our project partners to follow the progression of events in EcoTechnoPark - the center of innovative developments, demonstration, certification, testing, production, improvement of SkyWay transport technology and creation of new generations of transport and infrastructure complexes SkyWay.

From the video report, prepared for you, you will learn about carrying out earthwork operations for intermediate supports of the lightweight transport line and further concrete bedding of foundation pits. Construction of the high-speed and urban lines is in full swing, as well. There has been finished form setting for walls of the second anchor support. On the day of our visiting SkyWay EcoTechnoPark, we witnessed carrying out concrete works up to the level of 2,100 mm.

The works are commented by the General designer of SkyWay, personally supervising all the works on site.

Translation of the video:

— Good day! Here is Mikhail Kirichenko. You are watching SkyWay news, where we tell you about the developments and implementation of breakthrough transport technologies.

Commissioning of the first stage of SkyWay EcoTechnoPark is expected already in autumn - therefore, works at the construction site keep going in the daytime, at night and at the weekend despite any bad weather. They are carried out under direct supervision of the founding father of breakthrough SkyWay technology, Anatoly Yunitskiy.

— Today is June 11, Saturday, and we are in EcoTechnoPark. The works are going on in full swing, although it is a day off. It has been raining, it is cold and windy, but the work does not stop for a minute. The second anchor support is being built. They are pouring the support body now. Concrete for foundation has already been poured and we are going up. Soon we will come out above the ground surface. There have been excavated pits for foundations and intermediate supports for the lightweight transport system designed for lightweight unibuses and, primarily, urban unibikes. Now, the preparations are being made for foundations, concrete is being poured for these supports. Today we are planning to pour seven mixers for the anchor support foundation, and one mixer - to prepare the foundation for the lightweight support.

Now we are standing near the second anchor support (it is behind me) for the urban track, which will then become a continuation of the high-speed track. It will run for 15 km. The second anchor support differs, and it is visually seen, from the first one, as the first support will have a SkyWay museum and two stations - of urban and high-speed SkyWay. The support behind me, which is under construction now, will be a transit one - transport will go through it. However, there will be a possibility of making a stop on it. Considering that it will perform a function of support only, it is more compact and less expensive compared to the first anchor support. Here, we also apply our innovations, know-how, particularly in this case there will be partially used ground instead of concrete. If we look at the reinforcement, it is seen that the central part will be empty and in this empty place, we will later locate ground of about 300 cu m and over 400 tons of weight. This ground will give additional weight to the support, therefore we'll be able to cheapen the construction and use less concrete, about 200-300 cu m, at the cost of over USD 100,000. So, we cut down expenses due to using ground. In addition, we'll make vertical planting again - there will be openings in the support body, where we'll plant climbing plants. So, the support will be green.

Behind me, you can see a digger, which is excavating a pit for another intermediate support of the lightweight track designed for our light unibuses with the speed of up to 120 km/h. It is the urban track for unibikes, but we have still decided to build "two-in-one". Although three-seat unibikes will have the weight of up to 800 kg, we have designed the track (and are now building it) to carry a heavier rolling stock, up to 3.5-4 tons. In fact, this track will be able to support a full-scale urban unibus. Therefore, supports on this track will be more powerful than they could otherwise be, including a more powerful foundation, as we want to use this track to test not only unibikes, but also urban rolling stock.

Behind me is the pit for the first anchor support for the lightweight urban track. On the one side, there will pass a track at a low height, several meters, with 40-meter spans. On the other side, the same track will pass back at a high altitude, with 2 spans - the first span of 200 m, then 400 m and 200 m. Here, there will be a terminal anchor support, and the other one - at 800 m from the other side. As is seen, the pit here is different, because the track here is different, and the anchor support is designed in a different way. Although the rated force in this case is not small, either - about 250 tons of horizontal force, with the probability of once in 100 years. When it is very frosty, this support will be exposed to such forces. However, it has a different design, it has no stations, so this anchor support and foundation will be compact, and the support body will not be of reinforced concrete, but as a steel structure. We will demonstrate here that it is possible to assemble an anchor support in 24 hours.

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