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7 July 2016


Rod Hook about SkyWay: "Now we can be confident that this works"

At the end of "Australian" series, the SkyWay Group of Companies offers an interview with Rod Hook who shared his impressions about the trip to Minsk.

Almost a year ago, the former CEO of the Transport Department of South Australia has already visited the homeland of SkyWay technologies. At that time he caught just the initial stage of building the SkyWay demonstration center. Rod Hook shared his impressions about the trip, telling how the project has changed within a few months and revealed his plans for implementing SkyWay in Australia.

"We go back having certainly now learned even more than what I did the first time here. <...> This time I wanted to come back with some additional engineering expertise, other than mine, who would be able to confirm that this works. So we brought two people from an engineering Company with us and they had the benefit of listening to Anatoly the same way I did nine months ago. And we can be very confident. They are as excited and enthused as I am about what we can do together in our country. We will be talking to a number of businesses, mining companies, Governments, Heads of Government Departments about the possibility and the prospect that this technology can bring to Australia. It's a collaboration, it's a unity across two different sides of the world. It's exciting."

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