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2 September 2016


SkyWay in Kyrgyzstan

One month ago we reported about a business trip of SkyWay representatives to Kyrgyzstan. The delegation headed by Alexei Vasiliev visited the key cities of this country, had a series of important meetings and negotiations with representatives of local administrations and business and also held a series of conferences to promote SkyWay technologies among the population. The events in Kyrgyzstan were covered by local press and received a wide public response. At the end of the visit, agreements were reached on further cooperation with the regional authorities in the process of working out the options to use the technology in Kyrgyzstan and creating a roadmap for its implementation in the transport system of the country. The past week was marked by the following important steps in this direction. The SkyWay information service learned about them from the main participant in the events, a member of the management Board of the SkyWay Capital Company Alexey Sukhodoev.

— Hello, Alexey. The soil before your arrival was prepared by Alexey Vasilyev, who visited a number of cities in Kyrgyzstan, held a meeting with the Mayor of Osh, as well as conducted several conferences and appeared on the local television. At the time of your arrival in Kyrgyzstan, did you feel that the base is prepared and people are already familiar with the project?

— Certainly. Alexey Vasilyev has done a great job. He launched a series of meetings and conferences that resulted in my current trip. The regularity of the work here is very important and gives tangible results. This time we gathered 380 people at a conference in Osh, significantly more than in previous trips. There is every reason to assume that next time the number of participants will increase to at least 600 people.

SkyWay in Kyrgyzstan

— Was the holding of the conference the main goal of this visit or the agenda included other activities?

— The conference was the central event around which they organized several important meetings. After the presentation of the technology to the Mayor of the city of Osh conducted by Alexey Vasilyev, higher-level officials have manifested their interest in the project. In particular, I held talks with the Deputy Governor of Osh region Bayish Yusupov, who has involved to the process his experts ? Professors of the Osh Technical University. It confirms the serious intentions of local authorities in respect of cooperation with us.

According to Mr. Yusupov, today the region faces many problems related to transport. Despite the fact that Osh is relatively small, its layout makes the traffic jams inevitable, and the fact that most of the cars here are old, makes a severe impact on the environment unavoidable. The mountainous terrain of the country is generally an insurmountable obstacle to the development of transport infrastructure. In fact, the SkyWay in this case could become a real deliverance for them. We discussed it with the Mayor and the experts from the Technical University.

SkyWay in Kyrgyzstan

— How did the professionals react to your technology presentation? Did they ask any questions or expressed any doubts?

— I tried to dispel all possible doubts in advance introducing to the participants the history of the string technology development at the beginning of my speech, describing, in particular, its successful testing at the test site in Ozyory. The questions asked were purely specific, therefore it was not difficult to answer them. They asked about the possibility to lay our tracks in the mountains, special aspects in this case, about the maximum gradient and so on. As for the viability of the technology as a whole, none of the experts had any doubts about it. The verdict was unanimous: "The technology is really breakthrough and necessary one, we shall study it and cooperate."

As a result of the meeting, we have already started to prepare a cooperation agreement with the University. We plan to start with performing a complex of research works, which will allow us to examine thoroughly the possibility of applying the SkyWay transport in the region and lay the basis for work on targeted projects in the country. In my opinion, the involvement of local technical experts to develop implementation details for SkyWay technology in the region is generally the correct logics for the development of targeted projects at the initial stage. We have already piloted it in Slovakia. We plan to follow this scenario in other regions willing to implement SkyWay transport.

SkyWay in Kyrgyzstan

— Was it only about the technological component of the project or you also talked about its investment benefits?

— Of course, we did. And not only at the negotiations with the Deputy Mayor. In this context, a meeting was held with influential businesspersons of Osh organized by the head of the local tax service. In a confidential format, I have conducted a presentation of the technology exactly from the point of view of its investment attractiveness. I believe it will also bring about its fruits. By the way, after the presentation at the Deputy Governor's office, one of the Professors of the Technical University approached me and asked about the possibility and conditions of investing in the SkyWay development. The interest in opportunities to invest in the project demonstrated by a technical expert is especially pleasant.

SkyWay in Kyrgyzstan

— What is the overall outcome of your business trip to Kyrgyzstan and what are the prospects for the SkyWay Group of Companies?

— In the near future (approximately in November) we plan to conduct another conference, more extensive than all the previous ones. Interest in the project is constantly growing and it is already not limited to Bishkek and Osh. Some members of the leadership of the country tend to see in the SkyWay technology something that could form the basis of a national idea, to link Kyrgyzstan with a network of high-performance routes, to give a powerful impetus to the development of tourism and industries. Today we have all the necessary contacts and the preliminary agreements to conclude targeted projects at the highest level. We are continuing to expand their range. I can say with confidence that after the demonstration of a functioning SkyWay transport model in EcoTechnoPark, the time interval that must pass before initiating a specific targeted project in Kyrgyzstan, will be minimal. It is very likely that the top leadership of Osh region will attend the testing in Mariyna Gorka.

— We will look forward to welcome them.

— We will. Build SkyWay - save Kyrgyzstan!

SkyWay in Kyrgyzstan

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