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7 October 2016


The visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus at the SkyWay booth

On the first day of the exhibition "Transport and logistics 2016" in the city of Minsk the SkyWay booth was visited by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Anatoly Kalinin.

After studying the exposition, he expressed interest in the possibility of applying SkyWay transport systems for passenger traffic on the "second level". The implementation of this kind of transport systems, according to the Deputy Prime Minister, is one of the tasks set before the Government by the President of the Republic of Belarus. This possibility has already been considered at the level of the Minsk city administration, however, the existing solutions that the market currently offers, were deemed economically ineffective. If the SkyWay transport systems will confirm their compliance with the claimed technical and operational features, they have significant application prospects on the territory of the Republic.

In this connection Anatoly Kalinin proposed the SkyWay General designer Anatoly Yunitskiy to prepare a project to implement SkyWay transport systems in the transport infrastructure of the Republic of Belarus and expressed readiness to visit the demonstration center to see the exhibited machines in action.

Translation of the video:

Vadim Vorobyov: This is our General Director.

Anatoly Kalinin: Good afternoon. I know you have friendly relations with media.

Anatoly Yunitskiy: Yes.

A.K.: I heard a news about you and planned this visit. Not many people even in Belarus know about such innovations.

A.Y.: But our President knows. He supported us even in 1997.

A.K.: Well, tell us briefly.

A.Y.: This is a fundamentally new mode of transport, a variety of rail transport with unique features. For example, this vehicle unibike reaches the speed of 150 km/h. You can spin pedals, generate energy paying the fare this way. Only the use of pedals provides the speed of 60 km/h.

A.K.: Have you started there the 15-km route.

A.Y.: We are building it now. We will show the first track section in November. Unibikes will run on it. I want to emphasize its efficiency. If electric power is recalculated on fuel, its consumption will be 0.7 liter per 100 km at 100 km/h speed. 0.7 liter per 100 km. If the electricity is recalculated on fuel, the equivalent is 0.7 liter per 100 km at 100 km/h speed. And this is our 14-passenger urban unibus. We have two seats here. The total capacity is 14 passengers. The speed is up to 150 km/h. The power consumption in the fuel equivalent is 10 times less. This is a very efficient transport.

A.K.: We need your competence as we have the President's instruction to bring up the subway on the surface. I instructed the city Mayor. He gathered a conference of scientists, but they say it would not be effective.

A.Y.: It is a short-sighted opinion.

A.K.: When I was in Dubai, I traveled by the Siemens elevated line and I liked it very much. The President and I saw a monorail route in Turkmenistan. The President liked it and proposed to discuss and develop this subject in the Government.

A.Y.: It is possible. And we have a proposal here, the problem was with financing. The Government did not manage to find it. We have found financing. We have a popular project and get funds from 82 countries, from 100,000 investors. We have prepared a proposal on a high-speed route Brest ? Minsk ? Moscow according to the President's instruction. In Russia they also support this project. Putin and Medvedev know about it. The travel time on the route is 1.5 hours and the fare will be 10 USD from Minsk to Moscow.

A.K.: Shall we see the line in November?

A.Y.: Yes, not the high-speed one, for which we need 15 km more. We shall have to address the President for land allocation only for supports. When we get it, we shall build the high-speed route next year. The speed will be 500 km/h to implement this project. Would you like to take these materials?

A.K.: OK. We shall attend the line opening for sure.

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