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12 October 2016


Belarusian transport week: interview with Anatoly Yunitskiy

The information service of the SkyWay Group of Companies presents an interview with the creator of the Skyway transportation technology Anatoly Yunitskiy. A few minutes before the opening of the exhibition "Transport and logistics 2016" the General director - General designer spoke about the rolling stock exposed at the SkyWay display stand:

"They are fully-featured commercial samples, not some models made of plywood as some of our ill-wishers say. They are completely equipped vehicles with a running gear, a frame, a compartment, automated control system, docking devices. There is even a piece of track structure in 1:1 scale. You can see its design. It will be very compact."

You will learn from the interview why Anatoly Yunitskiy visited the exhibition in the Republic of Belarus, but did not attend the InnoTrans in Germany, as well as about the main features of SkyWay exhibits (for example, about the innovativeness of the floor in SkyWay vehicles).

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