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1 November 2016


EcoTechnoPark: work on the assembly of string rails at the lightweight urban track

We offer an interview with Victor Dolgiy, engineer-technologist of the Design Bureau "Reinforced concrete structures" of the SkyWay design Company, one of the direct developers of special concrete for the production of the SkyWay string rail track structure.

In a conversation with the Head of the SkyWay information service Victor spoke about the current stage of work on the assembly of string rails at the lightweight urban track in EcoTechnoPark. According to him, right before pumping a special concrete mix into 800-meter rails, the staff of the project organization carried out a number of tests finally confirming the feasibility of the developed concrete to be pumped through that distance. The tests also confirmed the possibility of this procedure at negative temperatures. Thus, all the tasks that the staff of the Design Bureau "Reinforced concrete structures" faced in the development of fluid, light and durable compositions of concrete mixes can be considered fulfilled.

As a reminder, the filling of string rails and metal trusses on the SkyWay track structure with a special concrete is required to add extra durability and noise reduction to the structure, as well as to prevent corrosion of its inner surfaces.

This interview became a kind of result of great work performed by Victor Dolgiy and his colleagues. During the conversation it became clear that Victor has to depart for permanent residence to another country for family reasons. However, this country has already showed interest to the implementation of the SkyWay technology on its territory. Following the meeting of Victor Dolgiy with Anatoly Yunitskiy held after shooting the video, Victor will continue working on the technology development in the new region.

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