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26 November 2016


SkyWay trusses stretch out along string

Work is underway at EcoTechnoPark to erect the track structure at the section of the urban/high-speed SkyWay route. At the moment, the company's professionals are carrying out installation of metal trusses on the first track kilometer (of 16 km planned).

The overpass of the track structure under construction consists of two string trusses connected to each other with wind braces into a spatial structure and mounted on supports at 50-meter intervals. In this structure, a rail-string truss is both a span of the overpass, track structure and specifically a string rail. Strained elements (strings) are placed inside the truss chords and joined to them with special concrete. There are 4 string rails in a single way (single route) - 2 on top (for motion of mounted urban and high-speed unibuses) and 2 - underneath (for traffic of suspended urban unibuses).

The SkyWay truss design has no analogues in the transport sector and provides considerable SkyWay competitiveness on the market of urban, high-speed, intercity and freight traffic. The truss has the highest rates of smoothness, with +/? 7 mm on a 50-meter span, which is necessary to ensure the comfort of passenger travel. Its relative stiffness is about tenfold higher than the same rate on the structure of major bridges. Pre-stressing of the structure, distribution of dynamic and static loads between a truss, anchor and intermediate supports, multifunctional design of "three in one" - all of it in combination allow to make the SkyWay transport overpass lightweight, slender, highly strong, durable, inexpensive and convenient for construction and installation.

In addition to the installation of trusses on site, at the moment engineers are performing calibration of the SkyWay security module, which is a part of the intelligent string fencing. The SkyWay station (transport and logistics hub combined with the terminal anchor support) is acquiring its final exterior. The construction of the administrative building is also nearing its completion.

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