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13 January 2017


SkyWay technology as solution to transport problems

The modern urban passenger transport is in a continuous crisis, which is caused by the growth of urbanization processes on the planet. A specific feature of this industry is a direct subsidized dependence, which does not allow to respond quickly and timely to the changing needs of the population and the rapid development of infrastructure in modern cities. Another negative factor influencing the decline in passenger traffic by public transport is the uncontrolled growth of private cars, which may eventually result in crucial reduction of traffic speed, transport collapse, rising social tension and environmental degradation.

SkyWay technology as solution to transport problems

These problems in the operation of urban passenger transport require an integrated approach to their solution, search of fundamentally new suggestions, since the existing optimization methods for this industry cannot ensure a complete removal of the negative factors.

One of the approaches to solving transport problems of modern metropolitan cities is the active development of rail systems for urban passenger transport. This process is particularly dynamic in France, Spain, Portugal, China, Eastern Europe and other regions of the world. For the first time in several years we can see the creation of light rail transport systems in several major U.S. cities.

The Russian Federation is no exception. As a reminder, on December 22, 2016 the ANO "Directorate of the Moscow transport hub" held a meeting of the Working Group on the development of surface urban passenger transport including its new modes (high-speed tramway) related to the consideration of SkyWay technology (string transport) and its applicability in the framework of the planned lines of high-speed off-street transport in the Moscow region (see the minutes of the meeting in Russian).

SkyWay - the minutes of the meeting in Russian

The meeting was attended by representatives from the Ministry of transport of the Moscow region, General Directorate for road facilities of the Moscow region, National public institution "Directorate of road construction" of the Moscow region, State unitary enterprise "Research and design Institute for urban development" of the Moscow region, General Directorate for Architecture and urban development of the Moscow region, as well as SkyWay Technologies Co. - the developer of SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes.

During the meeting the SkyWay project designing organization made a presentation of the basic transportation solutions in Yunitskiy's string transport, advantages over other modes of transport, the model range of innovative rolling stock, as well as the prospects for introducing SkyWay transport technology in the Russian Federation.

In addition to the obvious advantages of practical implementation, SkyWay engineering solutions are capable not only to relieve the transport sector from a number of problems, but also to become a promising technological basis for the further development of this industry.

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