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20 January 2017


SkyWay development in Mogilev

On January 12, 2017 the City Executive Committee of Mogilev held a meeting on the development of Podnikolye - the cultural and historical borough of the city. Its architectural sites are included in the UNESCO register of the most valuable buildings in Europe. The meeting was attended by government officials, historians, ecologists, representatives of public entities and the church, as well as partners from the SkyWay Group of Companies - BelTransNet Ltd. - that introduced to the public the concept of building an urban transport line from Ordzhonikidze square to Fatin street with an intermediate station in Podnikolye.

According to the representatives of BelTransNet Co., the proposed project fits perfectly into the city landscape and have the potential to improve the communication between city areas and to contribute to the growth of the tourism industry in the region.

At the moment, BelTransNet Ltd. is conducting public opinion surveys with the purpose to create an optimal route taking into account all the wishes of the residents of Mogilev.

As a reminder, representatives of Mogilev are already familiar with the SkyWay technology: the first Deputy Chairman of the Mogilev City Executive Committee Alexander Potyomkin and Chairman of the Mogilev City Council of veterans Fyodor Matkov were part of the delegation that visited EcoTechnoPark in December 2016.

In addition, the regional newspaper "Mogilev Herald" published on its pages an article under the heading "The Way of the future or a ticket to unibus" (in Russian) about Unitsky String Transport.

The regional newspaper Mogilev Herald published on its pages an article under the heading The Way of the future or a ticket to unibus about Unitsky String Transport

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