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2 February 2017


Process of assembling SkyWay rolling stock

The project of creating innovative SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes is marked apart by the greatest possible openness to our multiple partners, therefore, in our news releases we tend not to leave unanswered any of your questions. Especially if it benefits for the promotion of Unitsky String Transport.

Of course, a huge interest is sparked by the process of assembling the SkyWay rolling stock - at the moment we are talking about unibikes and unibuses. The film crew of the news service has visited the pilot production facility, where the Chief designer and leading specialists of the Management Department on rolling stock of SkyWay Technologies Co. demonstrated for the first time the most important operations that precede "starting the heart" or, in technical language, assembling of the main units and parts of the traction module for the SkyWay rolling stock.

We offer to your attention a video report with comments from employees of our Company. We can add to it that you will never see again our production facility as it looks today, for very soon - a matter of few weeks - new facilities will be acquired. They will have the most-up-to-date equipment needed to solve the tasks for performing the targeted projects that SkyWay General Designer Anatoly Yunitskiy spoke about early this year.

Translation of the video:

Mikhail Kirichenko, SkyWay news service: A unique video report is offered to your attention, because you will never see again our production facility as it looks today. The existing facilities will be added with new ones in a few weeks. They will have the most-up-to-date equipment needed to solve the tasks for completing the targeted projects that SkyWay General Designer Anatoly Yunitskiy spoke about early this year. It will be a new pilot experimental production facilities with highly-qualified professionals from different countries that are required to optimize and perfect the innovative technologies of the future. Today we are darting a farewell and somewhat sad glance at the outgoing reality. However, now you are going to see the things that we are showing for the first time.

Andrey Zaitsev, Chief designer of rolling stock: This is the fitting section of the pilot production facility. It is also the section for final assembling of the rolling stock. Here they assemble traction modules for the rolling stock. In the background you can see a well-known urban unibus. A traction module is assembled with other parts into a finished article. I want to point out that according to the philosophy of designing rolling stock, a traction module is a device that is capable to move by itself, to run along the rails. We use the module-type design of the rolling stock: a self-driving traction module capable to run on the rails and a passenger module. They are joined with suspension attachment units. This principle allows to optimize production and the technological process of assembling more intelligently. We prepare the components in parallel and at the end section they are assembled together. In the background you can see the traction module almost completed. They are installing a high-voltage equipment, the so-called inverters that control operation of electric motors. At the moment it lacks the electric motor, therefore I suggest to go to the section of assembling electric motors and also have a look at the test laboratory, where electric motors pass final testing, adjustment and tuning-up. Then they come here and are mounted on the traction module.

M.K.: In the middle of 2011 the EU countries followed later by other ones adopted new requirements to the rates of energy efficiency of electric motors with the limitation to use such ones with lower rates. The motor-wheels suitable for SkyWay by rpm, capacity, torque, weight and dimensions are currently not produced by the world industry. However, even serial motor-wheels of the needed class are extremely expensive costing up to USD 50 thousand per piece. We are already passing from the experimental production over to small-scale one, and soon we will start production of unique SkyWay motor-wheels both for our own use and for sale to a wide range of consumers: from electric cars to wheelchairs and electric rickshaws. Small dimensions of the motor-wheel will allow to improve greatly the energy efficiency of the unibus, unibike and especially high-speed rolling stock. In particular, the arrangement of brake components and hubs inside the electric motor allows to reduce the cross-sectional area. Thus, the dimensions of the electric motor built in the wheel are: diameter from 150 to 350 mm, thickness from 15 to 100 mm, capacity up to 150 kW, torque up to 750 N*m, rpm up to 6,000 rpm/min. Each of those motors that you are about to see, despite their small size, has a nominal capacity of 25, and the peak one - up to 50 kW, which is in more familiar units nearly 70 horse-power.

Andrey Khvalyov, leading engineer, rolling stock: This is a traction motor that is used in a unibus. As any other electric traction motor, it consists of the following body frame elements: cooling jacket, back part and lid. A rotor and stator are inside.

M.K.: Is it our own design?

A.K.: Yes, our own design specially for our vehicles.

M.K.: The reliability of the motor-wheel already at the design stage is achieved by minimizing manual labor and the so-called "human factor". After practicing the technology of producing manually, the same principles begin to work at the stage of mass production. Now we will see testing of new designs of electric motors with reduced losses and higher efficiency factor. The data obtained allow to develop the necessary documentation for batch production; on a global scale the development of the motor-wheel and its integration into the newly created vehicles will lead to its expansion and use of renewable energy sources. The application of the motor-wheel designed by SkyWay Technologies Co. will bring about an economic effect already in EcoTechnoPark and its extensive use in high-speed transportation in the future will save billions of tons of fuel worth of trillions of dollars.

Alexey Motrenko, engineering designer, rolling stock: It is a testing bench, where we conduct laboratory tests on the electric motors produced by us. We check the conformity of the received items with our design characteristics. Then we proceed here with the tuning-up of the pair motor - inverter to level all the deviations that appear during the production of this type of motors. It is the first stage. Then the pair motor - inverter is mounted on a vehicle. And we use it as we need. ... We install two motors here. One of them is tested, the other is testing. One of them creates load for us to measure all our characteristics. All of them work for one battery and thus we save electric power, because the capacities are large and we cannot transmit the produced heat anywhere or in the environment. That means we use a "green" technology.

M.K.: Andrey, to end the tour, do you have anything to say?

A.Z.: Today we shared a small volume of information. However, we have shown how the basic part of unibus is assembled. It is its heart, there are even four hearts in every unibus. It has four wheels and four motors.

M.K.: Sign up to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the news update on the official website of the International SkyWay Group of Companies at rsw-systems.com. Support our project and you will find out how many new discoveries are prepared for this century.


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