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9 February 2017


EcoTechnoPark: land is allocated for construction of 16-kilometer high-speed route

The decision on allocating another plot of land to SkyWay Technologies Co. has been taken. This area will be used for the construction of the test section of high-speed intercity SkyWay transport. Right here SkyWay professionals will be testing the vehicles that can accelerate to 500 km/h speed. This work will proceed in parallel with the assembly of the urban transport system (this section also functions as a booster for high-speed route).

EcoTechnoPark: land is allocated for construction of 16-kilometer high-speed route

In the broadcast from EcoTechnoPark Anatoly Yunitskiy shared plans on this plot: "We will get a 16 km demonstration route, make it direct with a large radius to show a turn. Speed will be 500 km/h and the larger the curve radius is, the easier the centrifugal acceleration will be and the more comfortable the travel will become. We will create a unique route on this land and demonstrate that it can traverse swamps, rivers and coexist comfortably with a power transmission line. A special corridor for this purpose is received from power engineers."

The forerunner of the positive decision of the land management service of Minsk Region Executive Committee were several visits of representatives of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences to SkyWay EcoTechnoPark. In January of 2017 the test site hosted a delegation led by academician and Professor Mikhail Nikiforov, and in December of 2016 - a delegation with the First Deputy Chairman of the BNAS Presidium Sergey Chizhik. Both meetings revealed Parties' mutual interest in the development of the newest SkyWay technology and investment climate in the country.

The decision was taken in accordance with the previous recommendations (in Russian) to study the impact on the environment, which are being performed by SkyWay Technologies Co.

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