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12 February 2017


SkyWay news digest: Zaporozhye, Kursk, Chisinau, Yekaterinburg

Zaporozhye residents writing a petition to the City Council

Zaporozhye residents started to discuss actively the innovative transport. An online user Alexey Borisov has registered a petition (in Ukrainian) to the Zaporozhye City Council in which he proposes to introduce the Skyway transport technology in the city. This is reported by local media: "Industrialka", "Zaporozhye news" and "News Time" (in Russian).

E-petitions in Ukraine have an official status when applications are filed through the official sites of the of Executive authorities bodies. Earlier the petition to remove shuttle vans within a week broke the record and scored over a thousand signatures becoming the first initiative that was considered and endorsed at the session of Zaporozhye City Council.

In Kursk traffic jams do not let people to attend SkyWay transport presentation

Kursk hosted the winter freemarket. One of the speakers was Dmitry Martyanov, who told about, what he called, "socialism version "2.0" and the salvational SkyWay transport. Freemarket is a platform for communication between people concerned with the future of the planet, particularly relevant in the Year of ecology in Russia. It supports all initiatives that can have a positive impact on the existing unfavorable situation.

Unfortunately, the attendance of freemarket suffered as a result of an all-out traffic jam (in Russian) in the North-West district. "North-Westerners" communication with the center was blocked by raffle giveaways held in one of the Malls. The best proof of the need for transport innovations, isn't it?

Chisinau revives dreams

The first ever meeting of the Chisinau municipality with SkyWay representatives was held in Moldova. The Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca became interested in the project, which would be able to revive the plans to reduce congestion in the city and make true the dreams of modern transport. City officials see great prospects for SkyWay transport in Chisinau and its suburbs. According to the results of the meeting, SkyWay Technologies Co. received a letter of intent from the Mayor's office.

The meeting was attended by the regional SkyWay representative Alexander Mazov, Head of the City Transport Department Igor Gamretsky, Chief Advisor to the Mayor Yury Cuculescu, Mayor Dorin Chirtoac?. In addition to the new transport system, the SkyWay project will bring the orders to the plant that will help to implement the targeted project for Moldova.

Yekaterinburg. Never appeared for long time and here it is again

A resident of the Urals Olga addressed a Yekaterinburg ombudswoman of Tatyana Merzlyakova with a statement against the construction of SkyWay along the route of Uktus - Khimmash - Koltsovo - Aramil.

— Once the appeal was received, we shall deal with it, - stated officials at the office of the Commissioner on human rights, "Yekaterinburg online" reports (in Russian).

A detailed commentary on the subject of the appeal will appear on our website on Tuesday together with a brief insight into the problem of rejecting innovations and the history of SkyWay technology in the Urals.

SkyWay news digest: Zaporozhye, Kursk, Chisinau, Yekaterinburg

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