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28 February 2017


Minister of natural resources of Belarus praised SkyWay

The Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Andrei Kovkhuto expressed hope that the environmental transport initiatives in the country will focus on SkyWay. "Technologies are evolving very quickly. For example, an interesting project is underway in Maryina Gorka - Yunitskiy's SkyWay where traffic is arranged by means of overhead rails stretched between supports. And, hopefully, there will be more of such projects that will relieve cities of exhaust emissions," he said in an interview to sb.by (in Russian), the press organ of the administration of the President of Belarus.

In an extensive interview the Minister of natural resources spoke about the extraction of gold and oil, the environment in Belarus, electric cars and "green" cities of the future. The interview followed the meeting with experts on the project of creating the country's first "Simbio City". As the flagship SkyWay transport solution, a single "smart city" can give birth to dozens and even hundreds of the same ones. Consequently, the ecological situation in the country and in the world at large will improve.

Details on the global trend of eco-technologies and the concept of a "linear city" can be found in the publications after the launch of the SkyFarm project in the center of congested Seoul. The concept of a "linear city", the idea of Anatoly Yunitskiy is developing around the world and some designers using their terms "come" to SkyWay ideas and brands voluntarily or involuntarily. It makes you think there is no other way of development.

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