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7 April 2017


Details of SkyWay targeted project in India

The edition News18 Hindi, one of the largest media portals in the country, reported on the presentation of string transport systems to residents of India. With special pride, the edition emphasizes the fact that SkyWay technology will be primarily implemented not in the capital, but in the regions. The first of them will be the city of Ranchi, Jharkhand. For the first time the SkyWay partner is introduced to the general public. It is the Company Tenaci Engineering India.

Details of SkyWay targeted project in India

Tenaci Engineering India is engaged in the creation of transportation networks, engineering, consulting and strategic development of the sector. It is an experienced international player with expertise in implementing projects in the Netherlands, India and France. A more accurate cost of the project is announced, it will amount to 58,000,000,000 Indian rupees (about USD 890,000,000 by the exchange rate as of today). The representative of the Indian side Harish Mehta did not keep secret that the project of a route to Dalai Lama's residence in Dharmsala previously mentioned in media is more than real in the near future.

He also disclosed details of the trilateral investment agreement that had been signed in February after several months of work with the Indian industrial investment group. The large-scale project consists of three parts: an urban test track section will be created in the city of Ranchi, a 125-kilometer line of high-speed transport will connect the State capital with its major city Jamshedpur and a transport system for the State capital will be produced after the test track section.

Cooperation with India began in September 2016 after SkyWay success at InnoTrans. It was preceded by several visits of the President of SkyWay Group of Companies Anatoly Yunitskiy to India, negotiations at different levels of authorities, including a presentation for Nitin Gadkari, Minister for road transport, highways and freight traffic of the country with the population of 1.3 billion people. The start of project's commercial operation is planned for 2020, the year of the White Metal Rat by the Eastern calendar.

Details of SkyWay targeted project in India

English translation of the article:

Nither in Delhi nor in Mumbai, High-Speed Trains Will Start to Run in M.S.Dhoni's City of Ranchi

With increased demand of the country, the 5th generation of transport system is being introduced in India. We cannot only save money but we will also save on time and environment and the accident rate will be almost zero through this system. A Belarus based Company engaged in designing and developing Rapid Electric Rail Systems is the supplier of this technology that will have maximum speed of 500 km/h. It is expected that the start of this system will be in 2020. This means that this train can cover distances from Delhi to Lukhnow, Amritsar or Jaipur within less than one hour.

However, this most modern technology will be introduced not in the Capital City of Delhi, but will come to M.S.Dhoni's* city of Ranchi. For this, the Jharkhand State Government has issued a Letter of Intent to Skyway Group of Companies in Belarus and their counterpart Tenaci Engineering India on this momentum initiative for Jharkhand.

Once the proposal is accepted, there will be a 16-km line on the network in the city of Ranchi and also a route from Ranchi to Jamshedpur of 125-km distance. Both the projects are estimated to be of 58,000,000,000 Indian rupees (about USD 890,000,000 by the exchange rate as of today). The Belarus based Skyway Group of Companies will do this project with an Indian Company. The participating Indian Company's Chairman Harish Mehta informed News 18 Hindi.Com that one more project on the route from Maklotgunj to Dharamshala might start soon.

It is expected that the cost of this technology will be 30% less than the cost of Metro Rail and there is a possibility of having a passenger car in a mounted position and a cargo unit as a suspended pod. The capacity of the car can be from 2 to 40 passengers.

Mr. Harish Mehta also explained that vehicles by SkyWay technology would be able to run along one or two string rails. This system is being prepared for operation in Belarus and Australia. The speed can be designed to run from 40 to 500 km per hour. The Ranchi - Jamshedpur distance will be designed for traffic at 150 km/h speed.

* M.S. Dhoni is a top Cricket Star of India, like David Becham of UK

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