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28 April 2017


EcoTechnoPark extension: area for high-speed route

A meeting of the working group on control coordination over the allocation of land plots in Minsk region, Belarus successfully ended. The working group reviewed the materials justifying the allocation of new plots for SkyWay Technologies Co. The result of the discussion became a positive conclusion on granting additional areas to the test site for SkyWay technology.

An additional 6.13 hectares plot is allocated to EcoTechnoPark in permanent use for the construction of the high-speed rail-string route for demonstration and operational purposes. In addition, a plot of 19.64 hectares is provided for temporary use.

The gradual expansion goes on in accordance with the planned development of technology and constantly growing needs of the demonstration grounds. Restricted performance trials with the urban transport are already under way at the section of the urban route under the first stage of assembling the string rail structure (only the body frame of rail is in operation). We have already posted the first pictures of the rolling stock for urban passenger traffic - a unibus, and those who attended it personally were able to make sure of the system reliability and its high resistance to collapsing.

EcoTechnoPark extension: area for high-speed route

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