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11 May 2017


SkyWay participates in Smart Cities India Exhibition

SkyWay transport systems determined by their developers as a possible basis for the formation of the infrastructure of the 21st century is presented at the Smart Cities India International Exhibition. It takes place on May 10-12 in Pragati Maidan exhibition center in New Delhi, India.

SkyWay participates in Smart Cities India Exhibition

The SkyWay proposes systems for passenger and cargo transportation, where vehicle movement is carried out on a special overpass. They are suitable to solve the whole range of transport tasks and surpass the existing solutions by such parameters as affordability, multipurposeness, safety and sustainability.

General designer of the development company, author of the project Mr. Anatoly Yunitskiy gives his comments on SkyWay importance and prospects for India: "The road network in today's India covers more than 4.5 million kilometers. Over 200,000 people die on these roads and over a million are injured as a result of traffic accidents. 'Rolled up' in asphalt and 'buried' under railway sleepers is fertile soil, equal in its area to the territories of three countries, such as Israel. On the territory ten times larger, soils along roads are degraded and contaminated with carcinogens. At such rate, approximately 20 mln people in India will have died and about 100 mln will have become handicapped with chances of premature deaths by the end of the century. However, all this can be avoided in a state with Smart Linear Cities. It is an entirely pedestrian city of a cluster type, about 1 km in diameter, with up to 10,000 inhabitants. Clusters are built in the logic of accessibility for pedestrians, within 500 m from the center. In the center, there is a dominating building, through which all communication lines pass - SkyWay string tracks, located above the ground surface, i.e. on the "second level". Interchange stations to transfer from urban tracks (speed - up to 150 km/h) to high-speed intercity tracks (speed - up to 500 km/h) and underground hyperspeed tracks located in forevacuum tubes (speed - up to 1,500 km/h) are also placed in them. Our group of companies is ready to implement this solution on the territory of India."

SkyWay participates in Smart Cities India Exhibition

At present, the SkyWay works in India in two directions:

  • in the state of Jharkhand where the tripartite investment agreement was signed (a comprehensive solution of complicated transport problems of the state was estimated to the amount of 922 mln USD and will create about 1,000 working places),
  • in Dharamsala where a possibility of the transport network construction within the framework of the Smart Cities state program is under consideration.

The delegation from the Dharamsala municipality headed by Mr. Sudhir Sharma, Minister of Housing, Urban Development and Town and Country Planning in the Government of Himachal Pradesh, has already paid a visit to the SkyWay test site based in Belarus. The Minister and his colleagues saw the urban transport system being tested and highly estimated the SkyWay technology potential for its implementation in India.

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